“Randy’s work is the best! I love knowing that I don’t have to worry about how my guitar repair will turn out. I’m grateful that Randy is so good at what he does that it puts my mind at ease.”
— Dave Wilcox
“Randy Hughes is the kind of meticulous craftsman that makes his customers feel perfectly comfortable leaving their prized hand-made or vintage instruments with him. I would trust him with any kind of work that I need done on any of my guitars, knowing that he will do it better than anyone else in the business. I even take brand new instruments to him to be “set up” the way I like. Randy’s kind of manner, patience, and skill make him the dream instrument repairman. He’s an indispensable part of my life as a professional guitarist. Simply put, he’s the best”
— Al Petteway
“Randy Hughes is a hero to a lot of guitarists, including me. Not only is he a pro guitar tech but he is a fine guitar player himself. That may not matter to some people but it does to me. I think he is one of the best.”
— Doyle Dykes
“Randy is the best. His work is impeccable. Whether he is setting up a new guitar or repairing your vintage prize...he always makes it better.”
— David Holt
“Any guitar Randy works on of mine will be at it’s best. No one else can do such grace magic on a guitar. I am proud to call him my partner and friend. Bless you Randy!”
— Roger Fortner
“Randy is the only repairman that will ever touch one of my guitars. His precision work is second to none and I know when an instrument needs a set up, he will do it right the first time. Randy has always been helpful and is himself a professional musician, so he knows what the instrument needs. But all that would mean nothing if he wasn’t one of the finest guys I’ve ever had the opportunity to know. Thanks Randy.”
— Bryan McDowell
“Randy Hughes has been a friend of mine for 20 years. In that time he has worked on just about every instrument I have used. The instruments I can remember include: 2 Pedulla basses, 2 old Fender basses, a Sadowsky 5-string bass, a Taylor acoustic, an Alvarez acoustic, a Fender Strat, and especially my old 1945 Martin D-18. Every instrument Randy has worked on for me came back in spectacular playing condition. Old Martins can sometimes be a bit difficult to play, but Randy made mine an absolute joy to play. Whatever your repair or set-up job requires, I would not hesitate to recommend Hughes Guitars & Repair. They’re the only one I call.”
— Tim Surrett
“As a craftsman, Randy is brilliant and I trust the care of my guitars to no one else. As a friend, he’s one of the most kind, generous and honest ones I’ve found. Both me and my guitars are grateful to know him.”
— Carl Cartee
“As a custom guitar builder, I am thankful that Randy Hughes is in the repair business. Randy has a world-class shot and the instruments are kept safe while he brings his considerable talent and knowledge to his workbench. Randy is one of the top repairmen in the country and I refer my clients to him without reservation”.
— Michael Bashkin
“I’ve had my Taylor 410ce since 2005 and Randy has done some superb minor setup and repair work on it. This quality hardwood acoustic/electric guitar, though not flashy, is a real work horse and has played 3-4 set gigs 4-6 nights a week since I bought it. So, after so much wear and tear it finally needed some love, new frets and an action adjustment. I requested new custom gauge fret wire and a new bone nut to be added. Well, when I got the ax back it was superior to the way it played before in every department: playability, intonation and tonal quality. I would recommend Randy’s services to anyone who wants to get the most out of their instrument. He puts and extra special-ness into his work that belies the passion he has for what he does.”
— Chris Rhodes
“Given what my instruments are worth to me, both personally and monetarily, I don’t trust them to just anyone. I want someone who has years of experience and subtle knowledge of the craft, a top both facility and a professional attitude. Of course, I also like working with people who are just plain good people. Randy passes all of those tests with flying colors.”
— David LaMotte
“I bring you my needy guitars. You give me back the ringing, professional tools they were meant to be!”
— Brian Hunter